When you have your own hosting server, virtual or dedicated, you will be able to start your own hosting reseller business and to make good money in a market that grows each and every year. With the growing demand for websites, you will need only three things to start - a server; a payment app, that will be the connection between your electronic store and the website hosting space; and an account with a billing processor, that will allow you to accept web payments. As there're ready-made reseller applications out there, the usage of your own server gives you additional control over the software environment. The ability to install server-side software, for instance, gives you an advantage over competitors and will mean more satisfied clients. When you use a standard reseller program, the accounts are set up on a shared server, which means that no software can be installed and, as a result, some sites may not operate effectively. Having your own reseller business gives you the option to generate income, while you can still use the server for hosting your personal sites too.