When you buy a brand new hosting account, your payment is processed, the account is made and as automated as the whole process may seem, there are always small things that are handled personally. For every virtual or a dedicated server there are even more jobs to be done because these forms of hosting normally require a manual setup, software installation & configuration, testing the server environment in order to guarantee that everything is working fine, etc. To cover the cost for the time and efforts all these things take, many companies call for a one-time installation charge to be paid by their customers in addition to the price for the cloud hosting. The charge usually applies to every new web hosting account being obtained and it is rarely mentioned on the company’s website, however it appears on the checkout page.

Setup Fee in Cloud Hosting

If you get a cloud hosting package through our company, the final price that you'll need to pay through the checkout is identical to the price you have already viewed on our main page or on any other page on our site. The processing of the payment as well as the account creation on our cutting-edge cloud hosting platform are nearly fully automatic, so we consider that charging you any kind of setup fees will be very unreasonable. Even when you get a couple of accounts at a time, you will not be required to spend any money for their installation or for any other hidden fees for that matter. It is our belief that being honest to each and every client since the beginning is far more valuable than receiving a few more dollars.